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Fighting Ability 1



Many strange and far fetched beliefs exist concerning badgers. One belief is that badgers are provided with a patent locking device so that when once they have obtained a firm grip they are unable to let go. In the same way one hears that a dog cannot hurt a badger. It is said that a badger's hide is so tough that he will emerge without discomfort from any kind of encounter with terriers. Badgers feel and suffer just the same as all other warm blooded creatures.



Fighting Ability 2




Many badgers are victims of dog worrying underground, they hide away and die a lingering death from the terrible wounds inflicted about their necks, mouths and tongues, yet badger, and digging is considered by some as the sport of gentry. Sending terriers down to a badger in a well established sett is a very cruel business. As a last resort the badger will use a ploy inherited from a long line of ancestors, most likely defending themselves from wolves; he tucks his head tightly between his forepaws, presenting the very tough deep muscled area at the back of his neck to his enemy. As soon as the terrier gets a deep grip the badger uncurls so that the terrier’s throat is exposed to his teeth. When male badgers fight for dominance in the clan they first face each other, say a few choice words, reach their full height and sway and threaten each other. Then suddenly they rush at full speed and try to grasp their opponent’s rump. Having once got a grip, large chunks are ripped out and the loser retires hastily in great pain.

Many young male badgers are found at the end of March to middle of April in dire straits needing veterinary help.



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