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For the last fifty years, electric fence materials have been extensively used and improved beyond all expectations. It is now possible to keep any species of animal in or out of a particular parcel of land safely in a humane manner, for example elephants, lions, horses, cows, sheep and pigs, even rabbits, foxes, deer and badgers. Humane animal cages can be set to catch and hold any type of animal without harm or injury when correctly supervised. Even the Government used humane animal traps for the last badger cull. Humane traps set for rabbits on occasion catch up to four rabbits at a time.




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There is no substitute for common sense and good husbandry practices especially at lambing times. It means that ewes do not suffer and foxes do not get a chance to attack fallen sheep. If left alone, foxes play an important role in clearing up enormous amounts of vermin and human discarded food. An interesting aside is the fact that foxes are one of natures' most successful mimics. Foxes curl up by a clump of brambles, mimic a doe rabbit in distress and if lucky, when the local rabbits come to investigate, the fox catches its' dinner. The trick has to work almost at once as rabbits soon loose interest and ignore the noise.




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Snares have been set and used by mankind for hundreds of years. The problem with snares is that they are cheap to buy; being lightweight one person can carry a large number and set the snares over a large area in a relative  short time. It is almost impossible to trace who set the snares and more than 80% are never visited again. On one occasion near Battle, my colleague and I collected just over 70 snares set on badger trails at one visit. We have cut the snares in half that are set in badger trails and reported the incidents to the police.



The fact remains that nobody can set a snare and guarantee that it will only catch and hold a particular animal without serious harm and not the first animal that goes along that run or trail.



There are no possible guidelines or legislation that can ever be put in place in order to safeguard domestic animals or wildlife from serious injury and prolonged cruelty involving snares. The truth is thousands of animals are seriously injured, suffering long lingering deaths, the suffering goes on for many days. Snares never relax their hold inspect one for yourself. The snare just gets tighter as the animal struggles to free itself, a terrible slow death.




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Registered products are sold for the use against a particular species of animal. It is wrong to lay poison bait or any obnoxious substance down indiscriminately. All poisons have a marker by reporting all incidents with comprehensive details you find to, Natural England there is a chance that the wrong, doer will be punished. Please be aware innocent cats and dogs are poisoned  through lessnes each year.  Locally anything you find suspicious discus the situation with the local Police Wildlife Liaison Officer. 

There are no substances that can be used legally to deter Badgers, Electric Fences work 100%. Lawn Sand will clear your lawn of moss and weeds also Earthworms, Wireworm, Leather Jackets and Cockchafer grubs. When your lawn no longer supports a juicy supply of food badgers will stop digging holes.




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